Missing rewards from the 1st Level Up Event

CoppinCoppin Posts: 2,601 ★★★★★
Well as the tittle says, the rank rewards for the 1st Level Up event are missing. The new one with the new reward structure popped up hours ago, wondering if its related to the SA rewards missing.


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    Wond3rLadWond3rLad Posts: 13
    I am also missing the rewards.
    The level up event directly before the new reward buff happened. Kinda frustrating because no one knew the buff was coming amd i put a lot into the event.
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    CoppinCoppin Posts: 2,601 ★★★★★
    Sunstruck said:

    SA rewards, Level up rewards and AQ rewards all missing. List is piling up. No action and communication from kabam. All are in holiday mood.

    Its the weekend... Lets hope we get answers on monday
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