Surrender arena button

When we are playing Arena sometimes emeny champs is very very ver strong and we are know that we will lose this fight. But we need to start this match and after LOADING exit fight. So can You create "SURRENDER BUTTON" for surrend match without loading this fight. THX)


  • GaseousClayGaseousClay Posts: 137
    Just pause and hit quit . That us your surrender
  • stakstak Posts: 88
    Unfortunately they will never implement something like this simply because the amount of complaints it would generate from people that claim to accidentally click it too often. There are already many people who complain about the auto fight button and it's location.
  • I_am_GrootI_am_Groot Posts: 646
    It would be cool a "skip fight" button.
  • OzzieontOzzieont Posts: 228
    We have problems with the game as it is and you want a surrender bottom just click quit fight and imagine that is surrender
  • Jing_Yik2017Jing_Yik2017 Posts: 86
    To "surrender", you can simply go out to the arena screen, there are a small exit button on the top right corner.

    Just touch it, then it will pop up a confirmation on whether you want to end your current series.
  • Mad_RagewolfMad_Ragewolf Posts: 103
    Guys, if they put another new option like "SURRENDER" on arena... it might come up to new bugs, lags, crashes etc.... Let KABAM resolves those existing problems, bugs and issues before we can suggest new options...I know they are trying their best.
  • Player111Player111 Posts: 29
    Are u serious? Im talkink about waste time. If u want to practice u can duel with your one star champion vs 5 star duped dormamu but my idea is about wasting time when we are playing arena and in we want to win best rewards very fast. In some situation u have to select your two strong champs and one weak for balanse and is waste time when u load your fight and then push exit button!!!! I think People who ofthen play arena and take 4 star champ rewards understand me. But if u play not often is not your big problem.
  • Player111Player111 Posts: 29
    And when u play first 1-5 series u dont need to win all fights because is low points. Its waste time!!! So if we have this super surrend button we can safe our time from each arena every weeks and "can practice with one star champs vs duped dormamu or other."
  • SlySlySlySly Posts: 352 ★★
    You just win 2 fights, and when third starts immediatelly hit pause and go quit fight. And it counts a loss and therefore surrender.
  • MyTaffyMyTaffy Posts: 144
    Like other have said, there is already similar way to "skip" the fight. No need to put extra button that you might accidentally click while fighting.
  • Player111Player111 Posts: 29
    You a really awesome guys. Dont wanna talk anymore!
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