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Auto play broken

StarhawkStarhawk Posts: 555 ★★★
edited December 2022 in Bugs and Known Issues
As the title says. In a quest I turn on auto play and it moves to the next fighter but then just stands there...I have to click Fight for it to continue auto fight until the next fighter. Started to happen with the latest update.

Really annoying as I used to just auto play the easier difficulties for the rewards/units.

Happens on my S10 but not my S20....


  • ccrider474ccrider474 Posts: 612 ★★★
    Happening on my iPhone 13 as well.

    I made a video. Let it move to fight turn on and off auto a bunch nothing happened. Put auto back on hit fight. Ai did my fight and moved to next fight and I have to click fight again.
  • GardoshGardosh Posts: 70
    I had the same thing happen, but a game restart seemed to fix the issue for the moment.
  • StarhawkStarhawk Posts: 555 ★★★
    Gardosh said:

    I had the same thing happen, but a game restart seemed to fix the issue for the moment.

    thank you
  • GMAX77GMAX77 Posts: 435 ★★★
    Gardosh said:

    I had the same thing happen, but a game restart seemed to fix the issue for the moment.

    Same here. Haven't had the issue again after a restart earlier.
  • ccrider474ccrider474 Posts: 612 ★★★
    I am having the issue again in halls of healing.

    I have to restart to get auto to work, restart in arena because game crashes if playing too long (handy for this 2* arena) numerous other bugs like back button not working. Such a wonky update.
  • PROG73PROG73 Posts: 63
    Having the auto fight issue again in quests as well as halls of healing. Had it previously after the update but it seemed to have been fixed
  • StarhawkStarhawk Posts: 555 ★★★
    Yes seems to be fixed now thanks
  • TraviswTravisw Posts: 19
    This is still occurring for me sporadically. iPhone 13
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