Yondu is being hit by astral evade now [Not A Bug]

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I was in Modoks lab fighting a mordo. Usually with yondu if you parry mordo then use heavy he bypasses astral evade and is able to hit Mordo with his second part of the heavy. I tried this just now and he is hit by the astral evade and doesn't hit mordo.
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    If he was doing that before it was a bug and it got fixed with the new patch, I don't think yondu has any abilities that would allow him to bypass astral evade
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    He has a two part medium attack like drax does.
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    He shouldnt have been able to do that. Drax shouldnt be able to either, its a bug.
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    You guys don't even know, it was never said to be a bug or not. Drax has always been able to bypass astral evade with his medium attack since Mordo came out. And ever since I have had Yondu when he came out, he was able to strike mordo. A mod needs to look in to this because you guys are just so randoms who don't know for sure.
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    DoctorJ wrote: »
    He shouldnt have been able to do that. Drax shouldnt be able to either, its a bug.

    Drax’s double medium is a feature that was highlighted by staff as a viable counter that was not exclusive to mordo. He can hit through anyone’s passive evade with it.

  • Yup, not sure if it's a bug now since I have several complaints from alliance members as well. Drax was able to bypass Mordo's astral evade previously and now he can't either.

    Can we get an admin to look into this please? @Kabam Miike
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    I would also like to request that this is looked into Miike.

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    Yup, I knew something was not right. Hopefully we get an answer.
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    Hey guys. I wanted to check and let you know that this is now working as intended, and was a bug previously.I'm sorry for any confusion this caused! Since this isn't a bug, I'm going to go ahead and close out the thread. Thanks!
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