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Advancement quests (class 7 hr)

Have these been removed? It's been 10 days since I've seen one (have been off work, so I've checked, not since the 23rd have I seen one).


  • I've been wondering the same thing, I haven't seen a class advancement solo event since last lvl up event. I usually wait to open crystals for these events but I'm getting a little overloaded with crystals that need to get opened.
  • PtotheF333PtotheF333 Posts: 4
    I just asked this question like 9 times on global and didn't get an answer, as my posts were quickly overrun by important comments like fart jokes and some guy screaming out "LIT" every few seconds. Ahhh, good ole global chat! Kabams showcase of its best and brightest B) Seriously tho Kabam, help us out. Did you take away our class advancement solo events?
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