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R2 Warlock Vs Apocalypse Vs Valkyrie. Also have skills 2-3 gem which is making me lean to Valkyrie.


  • LickyLicky Posts: 184 ★★
    Ur level 41 and have 6 star doom???

    But I'd go Warlock personally
  • ErrErr Posts: 15
    Cheers. Dilemma was rank 2 warlock vs rank 3 Valkyrie. Both currently rank 1. Did quite well with free banquet as you say but with level low (41) it will be a while before I can rank up any other 6* so wanted to make right choice.
  • ErrErr Posts: 15
    Anyone else would prefer a r3 valk vs r2 warlock?
  • XylphXylph Posts: 20
    I would go Valkyrie over warlock but I'm r4'ing valkyrie in a few days so I'm a bit biased, I love her and put a generic 6* gem into her
  • ErrErr Posts: 15
    Thanks v helpful
  • OmedennOmedenn Posts: 710 ★★★
    I would go with Warlock, Valkyrie is an amazing champ and she'll be my 7th r4, however, for your account I think Warlock will help you progress more than her
  • ErrErr Posts: 15
    Yea that makes a lot of sense. I guess I’ll save the skill 2-3 rank up for now. Thanks again!
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