WHAT THE HELL this is absolutely atrocious??? I CANT EVEN PLAY BATTLEGROUNDS this is one of the worst issues I have EVer had with my 6 years at MCOC for a company like Kabam this is not surprising the issues are not absolutely ridiculous and repetitive fix your game and the compensation better be good

I also have videos but it won’t let me add them
you don’t want to see because its absolutely insane and I will be sharing this around because Kabam this isn’t good enough


  • PrinceLennonPrinceLennon Posts: 25

    I came here for this. I'm getting frozen out of battles, can't pick my defenders/attackers. Just lost on a chance to move up a level and wasted elder marks. Why should I use my units on those if I just lose them for Kabam issues? Also the timer isn't working when I CAN get into a battle.

    Yes waste of 90 elder marks and a free win I was guaranteed to win this no matter what i didnt even have a chance to fight hulking with a damn ebony maw I am absolutely tired at this point
  • Unabonger97Unabonger97 Posts: 41
    They need to fix it or shut it down its such nonsense impossible to enjoy yourself when 4 outta 10 matches are bugged
  • CatmanndoCatmanndo Posts: 640 ★★★
    It’s so broken, it’s becoming more frustrating than fun and I’m personally getting bored of playing.
    I’m F2P nowaday and these guys lost every bit of confidence I had in keeping this game running smooth.
  • WeazelWeazel Posts: 2
    Literally just wasting time and marks every time I go into this mode. Between drop outs and input weirdness, it’s just too frustrating.
  • buffajrbuffajr Posts: 411 ★★
    Also came here for the same issue. Just a coin flip whether or not you’re gonna be out 15 energy seems like. Needs to be looked at.
  • jayden2017jayden2017 Posts: 16
    I just won my match in the first round at Ben lost connection and it tells me I lost the whole game
    Bull **** I’m so sick of playing this game
  • PrinceLennonPrinceLennon Posts: 25
    I have no idea what kabam are doing in my opinion no offense all they do is close discussions because they can’t deal with them and just say report in the IOS/Android issue thing
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