Why is galan sp1 hitting tigra



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    Tell your high skilled friend to read champion abilities.
  • Ok, joe fixit sp1?
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    IBuyPower said:

    Ok, joe fixit sp1?

    If Tigra is fighting against non-cosmic champions and affected with Slow, Weakness or Exhaustion debuff it will disable her Miss and Unblockable mechanics.
    Joes fix it can apply Weakness debuff if he has 3 of a kind cards.
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    I think he's referring to the fact the Joe's SP1 is currently bugged at the moment and you can't dex out of it like you could before and like you can against other champs with a similar animation.
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    1. Tigra has Neutralize debuff in her kit which prevents buffs from happening while it is ACTIVE. Same goes for many debuffs similar such as Stagger

    2. Galan gains Solar Intensity which max out at 3. When defending a final boss node, Galan starts the fight with 3 Solar Intensity and with 3, he gains a True Sense buff, which bypasses the effects of Miss, upon activating any special attack

    3. Tigra's Neutralize prevents Galan from gaining buffs such as True Sense only while active. Galan will gain True Sense after lauching a special attack with 3 Solar Intensity if Neutralize is not active on him.
    This is the info you needed and the answer you asked for. However...

    4. The forums should not be the very first place to go to if you have a question about champion interactions. You should first do your own research by reading Champion descriptions or checking https://auntm.ai/champions (although unofficial, a somewhat reliable source of info for MCOC)

    5. There are a lot of names for debuffs, buffs, abilities, nodes, etc that do not match up with the exact English definition.

    6. Just because you see, hear, or experience an unknown interaction between champions, do not automatically assume it's a bug and put any blame on any Kabam employees just because you don't know/understand something in-game. Research first

    7. There are many people in this discussion that have given an answer, the correct answer, most of which are saying the same thing. Yet you continue to argue against these people who try to help and criticize to help you in the future. Also, it did not take 18 posts to get a straight answer. If you (the OP) ignore your own posts, then the 2nd response should be the answer you were looking for.

    These are all the main things I've noticed while reading the posts in this discussion, although I welcome anyone to speak up if I missed anything, should clarify something more, or got some info wrong.
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