Who should be my next R4 6*?

RKO_meRKO_me Posts: 139
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Current R4 6* roster:
Cap IW (Sig 200)
Doom (sig 147)
Hercules (sig 200)
Kitty Pryde (sig 100)
Nick Fury (sig 1)
Nimrod (unduped)
Act 7 100%, Act 8.1 100%, EOP Acceptance 100% (not fussed about Carina challenges). I do not play AQ, AW or care about prestige. I casually play BG. Thanks for the help!

Who should be my next R4 6*? 58 votes

Void (sig 76)
doctorbMoeyTehr 2 votes
Shang-Chi (unduped)
Username19273Dfour24SpideyFunkoBeurky38Axew 5 votes
Kingpin (sig 20)
DrZolaRaganatorzuffyrockykostonMoosetiptronicThoye3Spider_RicoRenaxqqRax38MasterzxProDeepworldwillrun4adonutGeneralMercePowerOfACandleSlayinAliveTHE_MISOSuhshehshsXFREEDOMX 18 votes
Red Mags (unduped)
Cap Marvel Movie (sig 144)
Andremlopes 1 vote
Knull (sig 200)
TristanDragonMCOCMaxtheSilentMadEyeMoody_333LpooItsyaboyStephy05TheBussibaerSuperstar_1126chazGamer5483PissedOffParagon 10 votes
Medusa (sig 20)
Annihilator13_ 1 vote
Corvus (sig 20)
Hulkling (sig 20)
Manup456DRTOLogan00PikoluRockypantherxMaqsoodAomine_Daiki10Matty_IceRawrasurusDanthexmanRebornMVPChiefGoatCowabungaAce2319ThePredator1001Draconic_12GoingBackDave7099Ghosturd 19 votes
Peni Parker (unduped)
Doom_and_GloomRiptide 2 votes
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  • RKO_meRKO_me Posts: 139
    I didn't realize there were so many kingpin fans haha.
  • rockykostonrockykoston Posts: 1,431 ★★★★
    Kingpin (sig 20)
    RKO_me said:

    I didn't realize there were so many kingpin fans haha.

    Not really a fan, but when he is awakened and its a debuff node (which is a lot), he is a monster.

    Mine is unawakened at R4 and still a monster. He looks like he hits weak, but once you stack on those rage debuffs, he hits so so hard.
    Also a very annoying defender in BGs.
  • MaxtheSilentMaxtheSilent Posts: 661 ★★★
    Knull (sig 200)
    You obviously like Knull enough to take him to sig200 ( doubt it’s all natural dupes), so why not take him up. He is a great champ and can be both a useful attacker and defender in BG. He also seems like he might be useful in a lot of metas given all of his unique utility ( debuffs, handles armor up, resistances to bleed poison and degen, causes reverse control, can cause bleed damage, can cause degen damage, can heal, can reverse heal ect). For a BG player he seems like a good investment.
  • SlayinAliveSlayinAlive Posts: 661 ★★★
    Kingpin (sig 20)
    Kingpin my fav champ 🤌
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