What to expect from Act 6 Chapter 4 as a casual player?

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I consider myself to be a fairly casual player, without the greatest skill set out there. I’ve just completed 6.4.1, so I’m 72% of the way to Thronebreaker. It hasn’t been easy navigating Act 6 up till now, but if I’m honest, I expected it to be worse. Having said that, I really didn’t enjoy the fights against Champion, Black Bolt and Cap IW.

My question is: How difficult is the rest of the journey to Thronebreaker compared to what I’ve already dealt with? What should I “budget for” in terms of units, revives and potions to get from 6.4.2 to eventually defeating the Grandmaster?
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    Honestly depends on your roster
    1-3 were easy for me
    4 was the roadblock for me as there are no easy paths
    5 easy
    6 it's the Grandmaster so it's going to be hard
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    I didn’t find the chapters too bad, pre nerf, but I struggled with GM. That’s a fight you just have to practice or at least I did. Don’t try to throw units or revives at him until you feel good about completing each challenge. Good luck, sure you’ll be done in no time
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    Thanks for the comments above!

    Update: 6.4.2 done. Fairly simple. Doom eats Thor Rags.

    Not looking forward to Darkhawk (or Annihilus) in 6.4.3. Most probably gonna take Doom, Torch and Cap Marvel Movie for this one? Any other good counters?
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