Beast unavoidable damage

Hey I posted about this a while ago and it was responded to but this was quite a while ago. Beast deals damage when switching from acrobatic to freestyle. I don’t see anywhere that this should happen and as champs get stronger and fights last longer it becomes more and more an annoyance. Just wanted to repost as a reminder


  • Reminder for what?
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    Maybe it is better to repost into the original thread you started.
    Kabam Wolf wrote: »
    Hey guys. I just tested this, and I didn't seem to take any damage when Beast switched to Freestyle without hitting me. In that case, I'll need to get a bit more information. Can you let me know what Champions you've used when you've seen this, what game mode this was in, and what the node was? Thanks.
    eXtripa69 wrote: »
    Try what I mention above. Make him use the 2nd special (acrobatic mode) and then swith to freestyle mode.
    He does direct damage to the enemy without touching them

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    I read the title wrong and was going to suggest formula feeding.
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