Level Up Objective a Joke

So I can take a 6* R2 to R3 and fully level them up, and still not achieve all milestones for the solo objective Level Up, but if I take a couple 3* champs to R4 I can? How about this objective actually takes into account both the ISO and Gold required to level up a champ? I can spend like a million gold to level up my 6* AA after spending 750k gold to rank him up, and not get to the max milestone?
Listen, I have no time to add up the reward points and run statistical analyses, but anecdotally I can assume that the point system is not at all related to the resources required. Hopefully some math-nut can do this, comparing points awarded for level up of each tier/rank to the rewards and prove that the system is not fair, but in the meantime I’d appreciate someone from the company responding as to why it feels (and again I am confident the stats will confirm) like the point system for this objective is junk and is biased towards new players with lower tier rosters. Thanks. I spend hours a day and hundreds of dollars a year on this game (I have forsaken my XBox) and it feels like a slap in the face that Kabam is so stingy with digital content/rewards that cost them nothing.


  • Eb0ny-O-M4wEb0ny-O-M4w Posts: 13,134 ★★★★★
    I just get other champs/priorities every time I get to use a specific class of ISO-8, leaving the previous option constantly behind until theres no option left
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    A solution would be to get points per ISO brick used. But then if someone wants to hit the milestones fast by leveling up a 3*, he won't be able to do that.
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    Level 1 for champs is pretty comparable. I won’t post all the math, but one brick gets you 8 levels on a 3-star. Two bricks gets you 9 levels on a 4-star. I think it’s 7 bricks for 22 levels on a 5-star. 6-stars are…worse. Levels above level 1 are worse.

    I’ve been doing 100,000 points per level up day all year. It’s all 6-stars. My hood has stayed level. I do enough arena to get rank rewards on arena day. That’s it.

    I will admit that I’ve had a stash of 4-star shards for a while that I’ve eaten into, but that’s like from 200,000 down to 150,000.
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    Hopefully some math-nut can do this, comparing points awarded for level up of each tier/rank to the rewards and prove that the system is not fair
    @DNA3000 could you do this for us?

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    TyEdge said:

    Level 1 for champs is pretty comparable.

    In regards to the Level up event, that's not really true. I could take a brand new 6* and level them all the way up to the top of Rank 1. I could do the same with a 5*. The 6* obviously takes a lot more resources, yet the 5* leveling up yields me much more points towards the Level Up event.

    I'm constantly putting ISO into Rank 1 Level 1 5*'s that I don't need or care about, just to get points for the Level up event.
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    A little outdated, but here’s a chart produced by someone on the mcoc subreddit comparing level up event efficiency for different rarities/ranks:

    Source : https://www.reddit.com/r/ContestOfChampions/comments/o94c8l/m_a_x_i_m_u_m_e_f_f_i_c_i_e_n_c_y_in_level_up/

    In short - yes, level up points for 6 stars are wildly (and indefensibly, imo) harder to get than lower rarities.

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