ACTIVE player/2 accounts

Active player with 2 accounts looking to grow with one or both at same time. Second account was a fluke, opened it just for fun and began pulling 4 star champs from PHC's and decided to keep it, to see where it goes. LINE ID: bzms90wq09t6y0h7.png


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    I’ve got just the place for you...
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    This guy joined our alliance at the beginning. Took all the tips and hell we gave him and left to be an officer on another alliance. Then left that alliance to start his own and has since abandoned them. Don't waste your time.
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    Nope, just someone who gave you a chance and help in the past only for you to take what you gained and run.
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    I agree with @Recruiter
    Did the same to me.

    Nice try starting your own alliance though Berzerkker. lol good luck on your ventures!
  • Three sides to every story...Your side, My side and the grow up, it's a game. Sorry that I'm not really into participating in your "mediocre" alliances that are more chat play than actual game play, but that's your business. So, let me handle my own business as well...leave it at that.
  • I'm sure that Kabaam would appreciate it if you left your drama at home and stop using their website.
  • One last two spend more time playing on Discord and Line than you do managing your alliance, so now you are "butt hurt" because you lost a good player. Don't make promises that you can't keep. I will gladly give back the rewards that I got from both of you which is about two or three Alliance health potions because you did good to have close to 100% completion in map 2.
  • Again keep it off Kabam I'm sure that these people on here do not want to hear this ****. You know where to find me so message me personally if you have a problem.
  • Contact me in game 😊
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    hold on, let me get my popcorn
  • I know right, ridiculous!
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    First off, DDD(My alliance) is getting close to 2 million rating without you. Recruiter and I are just stating that you want to be part of an alliance, seem like you're all in and ready to go, but then you'll flat out leave without explanation.

    Getting a real, solid alliance together takes actual real life time. Recruiting, getting people to learn strategies, set up chatrooms and battlegroups, and have fun while doing it, it all takes time. You think people just show up, join the alliance and automatically everything comes together?

    You saw that firsthand when your hundred posts trying to start your own alliance failed miserably.

    I'm sure you will join an alliance and play, and everything will be fine. We're Just warning others to not waste too much time on you, because of your history.
  • Like no one who is ever played this game for more than 2 years has ever gotten into a lame Alliance before?
  • Like it lol
  • Well thank you for your community service jcruz.
  • When I grow up I want to be just like you...not grown up.
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    hey man, I wasn't even going to bring it up. It's just a game. But as soon as I saw someone say that you did it to them too. It's a lame move.
    And I wasn't attacking you, you're the one that got all "butt-hurt" first.
  • No I'm good dude, I just don't see what the big deal is?... if it's not the right fit for me it's not the right fit for me. I'm not the only person in the world who's ever quit an alliance?
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    We live and we learn. Good, organized alliances don't just come together out of thin air.
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    jcruz2133 wrote: »
    We live and we learn. Good, organized alliances don't just come together out of thin air.

    Yep I agree on that. Lol sorry if I'm butting but that's 100% true. I'm an officer in a 3 mil alliance and that didn't happen overnight. It took months of AW, AQ, tough recruiting, *cough* people leaving, and a ton of patience till we were left with the group we have now. It is not easy 😂
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    For someone who said to leave it you fairly kept this whole thing going. I was just advising potential recruiters.

    I didn't get "butt hurt" and certainly didn't start insulting a player or alliance. A conversation is one thing but making up lies is another. I won't stoop to that.

    Hope you find an alliance "worthy" of you.

    @jcruz2133 100% agree! Now it's back to mine to continue.
  • When you guys get into higher tiers and have line app recruits and are a jumper /crappy teammate dont expect to get in a good alliance if your on the blacklist. Ijs. And yes its a real thing.
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