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Sinister side quest bug?

Hey I completed the threat level 5 quest twice yesterday just after it dropped and I didn’t get a chest either time :/ I did the havoc path first got 2500 6* shards then I did the wasp path 2nd and got 5k of the green shards but no chest either time. Neither path shows completed. Just wanted to report it.


  • LoerkeLoerke Posts: 13
    Had the same experience. Ran it once (Havok path) and no safe. Previewed it now and no safe present yet.
  • Fred1Fred1 Posts: 37
    Yes, I ll contact ingame support, perhaps they can do something
  • I had box and I have the code and when I went to insert the code my game froze and I had to close the app. I have tried reopening the app many times but now I do not have a Sinister Vault.
  • GrandmabunzGrandmabunz Posts: 21
    I’ve done 4 paths now and haven’t gotten a single vault on any. I will not be doing this quest until it’s fixed I haven’t gotten a single safe kabam. Pls fix I can’t even play this quest this month. I got the initial one on the path itself but never get a vault to enter code into.
  • AskelladAskellad Posts: 6
    same with me in order to get vault you have to go threat level 4 and run havok path to obtain the vault if that helps. However doesnt change the fact that 2 keys wasted on threat lvl 5
  • GrandmabunzGrandmabunz Posts: 21
    Thank you for that! Had no idea I’ve only done threat level 5 so far and was scared to try to do anymore cause I wasted at least 2 keys. I will try the threat level 4 thank you friend
  • Jimmer33Jimmer33 Posts: 10
    I did all paths in Level 5, never got a safe.
  • RegnatorRegnator Posts: 29
    Jimmer33 said:

    I did all paths in Level 5, never got a safe.

    I also cleared all paths and no vault. @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Porthos @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Lyra what in that case? How to enter zone 2 ??
  • Had the same experience. I traveled all the roads and I did not receive the first chest, I already sent a ticket and I am waiting for a response from kaban
  • Leoguerreiro1Leoguerreiro1 Posts: 1
    edited April 2023
    Completei o evento secundário! Fiz a linha do havok no dia que lançou, porém só recebi os fragmentos de cristais 6*, Eu fiquei sem adquirir o cofre que deveria ter vindo junto com os fragmentos 6*. Oque eu faço agora pra avançar no evento secundário sem cofre,sem chave 🗝️? A kabam vai concertar esse impasse ou será que nós os prejudicados continuaremos prejudicados com isso?
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