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UsagicassidyUsagicassidy Posts: 478 ★★★
With the last 6* awakening crystal I got, I thought to myself - okay cool, you have SO MANY viable options in ALL of the classes - EXCEPT mutant. So the odds are in your favor, 6 classes, 5 out of 6 chances it won’t be mutant!

And what did I draw? Mutant. Useless to me.

Then, find out “oh my god we get another awakening crystal? How freaking cool! Another 5/6 chance to pull literally ANY class and I have a champion they’re instantly used on.”

And what do I get?

Sometimes (many times) this game really tests my ability to not burn the world down.


  • JK_47JK_47 Posts: 179
    I feel your pain buddy, i got mutant too
    Already have a whole bunch of top mutants awakened, only archy and kitty missing ... Gonna hold it for them but don't see RNG pooping out a kitty in spin anytime soon in foreseeable future.. 😂LOL
  • Blizzard_BomberBlizzard_Bomber Posts: 31
    You are Kabammed my friend 🍟
  • KennyPLKennyPL Posts: 106
    You're pretty close to another 6* AG from loyalty. Make room for that mutant gem :lol:
  • Madman_marvinMadman_marvin Posts: 577 ★★★
    RNGesus did not bless you. I feel ya.
  • Manup456Manup456 Posts: 694 ★★★
    Haha I mentioned this yesterday in another thread that popped up before we got the AG and told them you can’t think or even mention what you want or don’t want because they are listening and your gonna get what you don’t want. The only AG that would be completely useless to me was mutant and when the AG was made available what you think I got? 😆 mutant.

  • Artnmotion4523Artnmotion4523 Posts: 7
    The only class gem I had in my inventory was skill and yet pulled another. It’s a game inside the game that kabam plays.
  • Bawa69Bawa69 Posts: 488 ★★★
    pulled my 3rd Mutant gem ...i literally have no mutant at the moment i want to rank up or dupe....would have been happy if i would have got any other except mutant have tons of other guys wanna rank up or dupe...
  • UsagicassidyUsagicassidy Posts: 478 ★★★
    Kerneas said:

    I know that feeling, sucks to be you tbh. But at least mutants have a lot of candidates for it, but that's about the only consolation

    Mutant does have some great contenders. As it stands though, I already have a duped Kitty, Archangel, Omega Red, Colossus, Bishop, Red Mags, White Mags, Sunspot, Rogue, Domino, and Sauron (among others but those are my main ones/the most useful).

    Now every other class on the other hand has a few major contenders I’d love to have duped. Doom? Scorpion? Kingpin? Tigra? Captain America IW? Thing? Korg? Galan? Not today lol.
  • SandeepSSandeepS Posts: 1,017 ★★★★
    Maybe an awakening gem in the trade in store special event?
  • HilldarHilldar Posts: 175 ★★
    I pulled my third straight mystic one. I have three of those, and zero of any other class now. It sucks.
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