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6* Awakening Gems in side quests and difficulty tune up

AshacekarAshacekar Posts: 1,860 ★★★★
edited April 2023 in General Discussion
I m a TB and have been playing since 3 years. I m waiting on 7.4.6 as i intend to do that when i have 3 R4 6*, currently none just to have a feeling of complete victory. And i can't do higher difficulty abyss or carina stuff but i can do side quest with highest difficulties.

6* awakening gem at my level means a lot for my champs, the first one i picked was from danger room incursion, then sinister vault, then bauble bobble, and it's great to see that they have it in rewards for latest Escape from Titans quests. It's there in both threat lv4 and lv5.

Though lv5 is targetting paragon now and is tuned up in difficulty, hopefully i can still complete those with my R3 maxed 6*s.
But regardless, i m happy to see 6* awakening gems are now common.

I m also keen on picking the 7* shards in lv5 as i have 15k 7* shards already and 2k from side quests benefits me.


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    MinsudoMinsudo Posts: 37
    I don't have any R4s yet but I cleared act 7 mainly because like the other person said, act 8 has better stuff for t6b and t3a. Now I only need to do couple paths in 8.2 and next month's side quest and I have enough for 3rd R4 (I have the gem from 8.1 exploration and another R4 from forming cats and 8.2 completion).
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    HSS75HSS75 Posts: 1,161 ★★★
    Don't wait on it if you can do it just do it
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