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Constant Bad Connection Icon

Ever since the last update, I have the flashing red “bars” icon which denotes a bad connection, 100% of the time. I can be on Wi-Fi with full bars, or cellular with 5g, and it doesn’t go away. No other apps that use internet are indicating connection issues. Even playing MCOC I don’t have issues (like severe lag) but regardless the icon won’t go away. Anyone else having this issue? Anyone know how to fix it? I literally can be 2 feet from the modem/router and have full bars but still getting the stupid flashing red icon. Help!


  • Wu_Bangerz23Wu_Bangerz23 Posts: 807 ★★★
  • Angryneeson52Angryneeson52 Posts: 445 ★★★
  • Ironside47Ironside47 Posts: 461 ★★★
    Same. It’s really distracting. Rebooting the game fixes it for a while.
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 8,542 ★★★★★

    Connection emote event trumps the unit store.

    Dr. Zola
  • 21LILguS21LILguS Posts: 2
    Bruhh hate it when it happens during BGs which thats like one of the worst situations it can happen:( But won but still it sometimes causes my screen to pause and freeze when my timer is counting down during my turn to choose champions from my randomized deck. Please fix this bug or annoying issue.
  • MinsudoMinsudo Posts: 37
    Battlegrounds is so unplayable because of this. Everything feels so delayed, idk how people are able and climb while this is happening.
  • allinashesallinashes Posts: 788 ★★★
    Same, but also BG can't pick champs and end up with random champs and/or disconnected.
  • mostlyharmlessnmostlyharmlessn Posts: 1,387 ★★★★
    Funny thing is, when it first starts the persistent connection emote, things hiccup quite a bit... but suddenly everything seems to actually work better while the icon is up. Sure a little slower, but I have less input drops when fighting.....
  • Chief_primeChief_prime Posts: 70 ★★
  • Logan00Logan00 Posts: 564 ★★★
    Same, total mess, you can not select players at all
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