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Milestones, Alliance quest and arenas oh my!!!

Follow the server crash road, follow the server crash road.. follow follow follow follow.. follow the server crash road. Well if my rendition of the Wizard of Oz didn't lighten the mood, there is no pleasing you. 2x arena boosts? Tack an extra day onto the arena? Extended the gold and battle chip boost until the end of the month? The state of the game is incredibly unstable!! For all of us grown nerds out here trying to squeeze in as much contest time we can in between real life, this is just frustrating. If my work gave me a deadline but locked me out of my office and company email for half of my time to work on the project, said project would not get finished.

Love this game.. ok it is a deep obsession. I think that I speak for all of the summoners out here - Just tell us what is going on. "Jimmy in custodial flipped the do not turn off switch." "A disgruntled Kabam employee planted some strange virus to gradually shutdown the contest." No area 51 stuff - just straight answers. "Currently the load on our servers exceeded capacity and we are having issues getting summoners on the east coast logged in." Maybe? Am I out of line?



  • The prob with outages is that it is inherently unfair to SOME players.

    For example, if there is a four hour outage while you're sleeping it doesn't affect you. But if it's during the time you can play and grind then it negatively impacts you.

    The prob with compensation is that they give it to ALL players when they should only be giving it to those affected.

    How to figure out who was affected and what they lost seems like an insurmountable task.
  • CallmelaFleurCallmelaFleur Posts: 214
    It makes leaderboards and arena cutoffs completely skewed and unfair. I'm not whining, I grind plenty and don't feel too slighted personally. Just a trend that keeps increasing and I wonder why I spend my time, effort and money on something that isn't reliable. Puzzle Quest time.
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