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Wasp can still evade while inflicted with Coldsnap debuff

RangaboopRangaboop Posts: 19
edited May 13 in Bugs and Known Issues
As the title says I noticed Wasp can still evade while inflicted with Icemans Coldsnap debuff which is meant to prevent evade. I was doing my initial clear of 8.2.4 with the feezer burn and mutant node when I ran into Wasp, instinctively bringing Iceman to counter her annoying evade. Upon entering the fight I go to intercept her and immediately get evaded and clapped even tho she had Coldsnap inflicted. To further test it I went into my champs and practiced fought her a couple times and each time she CONSISTENTLY evaded while she had the debuff. Is this a bug or somehow her debuff shrug off happens before she evades causing the coldsnap to become ineffective by the time she evades?


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