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Low level Bots joining alliance automatically now?

Chuck_FinleyChuck_Finley Posts: 806 ★★★★
We run a casual Gold 3 alliance. Have picked up some good members by leaving our alliance opened when we don’t have a replacement ready to go. And the summoners joining always had accounts similar to our other members,

We had a member leave yesterday… and now all I am getting are level 4 accounts with 1 stars joining. I kick them, another one pops in 5 -10 seconds later. With no other way to easily recruit and the inability to set criteria, we are basically stuck at 29 members with “By Request” turned on. Almost no one goes that route.

Any ideas? When did these bots show up to ruin legit alliance recruitment?


  • Goldcup7Goldcup7 Posts: 42
    edited May 2023
    I've had this same issue today. Had to kick a member who hadn't played in a while. Then low level members would join straightaway each time I kicked them. It showed that one even started Alliance Quest within 20 seconds of joining, before I kicked them. Seemed like bots to me. I also had to set 'By Request' just to stop it happening.
  • MrFullStopMrFullStop Posts: 148 ★★
    at low lvl, you get 1 phc for joining an alliance, and there is an auto join button, it will let you join a random alliance, and if you try to leave and use auto join alliance again, you will be joining the same alliance over and over again, it's not a bot.
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