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AW Attack Phase BUG


our alliance currently has big problems regarding the active war.
Attack Phase started and people joined Their bgs but after leaving the map and doing something else, like aq, nobody is able to return to the war.
When trying to return an warning/error occurs "You are only allowed to participate in one Alliance War at a time."
Also the war Progress shows 0%, and nobody is shown to have entered attack phase despite a lot of people joined and doing fights

We dont know what to do? Nobody can return to the map and Finish their paths.

appreciate your help

Kind regards


  • iFilipowicziFilipowicz Posts: 36
    We have already send multiple tickets to support, but support only answers with standard replys / how Alliance war works etc
  • Corby11Corby11 Posts: 158
    Our alliance is having the same issue, cannot rejoin attack phase after leaving it although we can see our opponents are free to move and complete the map.
  • Emil_LimsonEmil_Limson Posts: 17
    We’re having the same issue in my alliance.
    So frustrating.
  • aypayp Posts: 12
    Hey @iFilipowicz @Corby11
    Has this been answered by Kabam?

    This is really annoying, wasted resources, wasted time

    They didn't even reply to my ticket at all

    @Kabam Miike please help
  • iFilipowicziFilipowicz Posts: 36
    Hi @ayp
    no, they never answered or did something about it. We had to take the lose and accept it.
    Sad story, but i would not expect compensation.
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