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8.7m Rated Singapore Alliance looking for One Recruit

Hi All

We are a Singapore Alliance looking for a one recruit as one of our long time member is retiring from the game.

More details below:

Some stats:
- 8.7 million rated Alliance
- Currently full at 30 members (1 retiring)
- AW Tier 2-3 for many months
- AQ Expert Tier since AQ Season 4 started

Some requirements:
- Doing AQ 55333 or whatever minimum to stay in AQ Expert Tier
- weekly AQ donations enough for 2x Map 5
- take part in AQ and AW
- Duel Skirmish
- no other mandatory events
- GMT +8 time zone
- Whatsapp for communication

Some characteristics:
- We are adult players mostly in 30s and 40s so we are a bunch of fun loving old people
- Most have families with kids so we know where our priorities should be
- We are quite chill and lay-back about most stuffs and we value and appreciate teamwork very much

If the above interest you enough to join us:
IGN: Nabbydian
Add me in game as a friend
and let's have a chat!


  • NabbydianNabbydian Posts: 28
    Still looking for that one elusive recruit
  • NabbydianNabbydian Posts: 28
    looking for 1x new member!
  • devil_jeffdevil_jeff Posts: 36
    what's the requirement to join? I'm in Singapore as well.
  • NabbydianNabbydian Posts: 28
    have Pmed you.
  • NabbydianNabbydian Posts: 28
    looking for 1x new member!
  • GaryagGaryag Posts: 391
    Hey i am in united states 156k Adult age 47 look me up in game garyag let me know thanks
  • NabbydianNabbydian Posts: 28
    Sorry bro Garyag, we are looking for similar time zone,

    Still have that 1 free vacancy,
  • sirhCnaTsirhCnaT Posts: 2
    hey bro, slot still available? I'm from Singapore too..
  • NabbydianNabbydian Posts: 28
    yes available, but I cant found your profile in game, can you add me as a friend in game? thank you.
  • NabbydianNabbydian Posts: 28
    edited June 2017
    still looking for 1x member!
  • Hi my IGN is CaptainGalindo. I'm from singapore. Vacancy for the guild still available? Currently in a guild that has 8 hours timezone difference so I'm searching for one in my region.
  • desmoradodesmorado Posts: 1
    My IGN is Desmorado, Am currently in a US base alliance, would like to move to a SG base alliance. Am 40 years old as well.
  • NabbydianNabbydian Posts: 28
    still looking for 1x member!
  • NabbydianNabbydian Posts: 28
    looking for 1x member to join us!

    Minimum 3x 4* Rank 5 so that you are able to cope with the content.

    Doing 3x Map 5 or whatever minimum to stay in AQ Expert Tier.
  • VnetVnet Posts: 7
    just curious, what the alliance starting prestige?
    Do you guys active in all team events?
    btw, i'm from Malaysia
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