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Web Slinger Solo Event Bug

I know we are supposed to claim 1 milestone per day and I already claimed the 1st one.
then after doing some arena fights game crashed and then I got back it shows this... all milestones achieved.


  • MagonusMagonus Posts: 521 ★★★
    @SHIELD4AGENT Claim rewards from the stash maybe?
  • Cloudddey_broCloudddey_bro Posts: 47
    edited June 2023
    Same thing happened to me without the crashing … I did a couple fights with spider verse characters in arena, came to home, and then I had 38k points in the solo event. Kabam pls don’t ban me

  • RegnatorRegnator Posts: 29
    edited June 2023
    Kabam ! In my ally lot of people done all milestones with only TWO SERIES of arena fights using spider verse champions. After an hour you fixed this bug. Now tell me why did you release this solo event for an hour with bug? Was it for coleuges from Kabam? And after an hour all other people who was late for using your secret bug need to spend more time for this than your people? I am very disappointed with your competence. With every month you serve lot of mistakes and bugs. Can you tell me is this on purpose? Why you do not test your updates before release?
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