When will a decision be made?



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    still waiting for compensation, I'm android user and this is NOT FAIR!
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    So I play on I pad air and at least 4 or more times a week I cannot login for 2-3 hours at a time. EVERY week you do the math . Who's getting screwed more here ???
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    @Kabam Miike When are we going to get an announcement about compensation. I just want to know if its happening or not.
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    Stop begging for free bees

    We've been stung enough, so now we need some freebies, not some free bees

    Who let the bees out? Buzz... buzz... buzz buzz buzz...
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    I did the grind for SL and the downtime did cause issues. I could have spent less units if I had not missed the 8 or so hours. Still got the champ but the downtime was significant and there should be compensation or at least it should be said that there will be no compensation...
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    Mainer123 wrote: »
    So I play on I pad air and at least 4 or more times a week I cannot login for 2-3 hours at a time. EVERY week you do the math . Who's getting screwed more here ???

    Please log a support complaint with your devices info and screenshots. It may be your device settings and/or network. Otherwise, this is not a documented issue.

    Unlike Android Apocalypse which was both acknowledged by Kabam and experienced by several thousands of people which opened multiple cases.

    I think your comment is a poor attempt to de-legitimize an extremely well documented issue. One I mind you Kabam (via Kabam Miike) said they were looking into how to compensate. That set the expectation that some kind of compensation was in order.

    So, nice try, but you fail on too many levels.
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    This is actually quite a serious problem

    nearly 1 week after a major incident essentially crippling half there playerbase to the point they lost out in rewards to help them progress


    nothing has been said at all!
    nothing has been said about renumiration
    nothing has even been said about another chance at winning voodoo.

    just nothing

    A disgusting show of poor and lacking customer service to the people who pay there wages !
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  • LilWolfyLilWolfy Posts: 42
    Look my roster up. I have voodoo and can win basic arena with no problem. I just put up 12.5 mil in starlord arena.

    Your account doesn't exist according to search bar in mcoc
  • There not giving any compensation for it if you want to know how I know because I have had multiple problems with glitches to the game happening that has ruined my matches important ones I can't log in I can't message people it freezes mid match or if not my character freezes but there's doesn't I bring this to the attention and coming from a person that has spent over$600 on this game they did not compensate me like seriously are you kidding me I spend more money on this game then I have ever spent on any game in my life but they don't care they basically told me to delete the game and reinstalling it that fixes the bus sometimes it gets a good one sorry but your case is closed but WTF it never even started yet?? But yeah I hope we all get good compensations because I'm an Android user and I want my compensation as well @kabam
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    Dropfaith wrote: »
    I'm Android still got sl and voodoo. Not sure how you feel we lost much. Neither was a big grind

    Are you serious kid? Go wipe Brian Grant's forehead! Pathetic!
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    @DLegend you might as well ask for 10000000000000 units with the compensation items you want.

    To whoever said IOS will have a fit, I'm an IOS user and I agree you deserve something. We won't complain if you guys receive any compensation as long as it is a reasonable compensation and not like the compensation @DLegend wants
  • Hey Guys,

    As we have mentioned before, we will update you guys as soon as there is any more information on what is going to happen. Until then, we can't comment on something we don't have any information on. Please do not make new threads on topics that have already been covered, or subjects that already have threads active.
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