Map 5 node 67 Magik issue [Not A Bug]

NatBornKillaNatBornKilla Posts: 69
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I have noticed a bug every time lately while fighting Magik in the 2nd section of map 5 that without even getting hit by her once, not even while blocking or evading her sword, that during the fight you mysteriously begin losing health. There is nothing that should cause this, and I was Ko'd.
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  • SenorPantsSenorPants Posts: 100
    Magik's sig is Limbo - every time she gains a bar of power, she has a chance to enter limbo, which does unblockable damage to you. This is not a's a clearly-documented feature, and one of the things that makes her a challenging defender.
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    Hey @NatBornKilla. SenorPants is correct here. Limbo does unblockable direct energy damage to you. I hope this clears things up! Since this isn't a bug, I'm going to go ahead and close out the thread.
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