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Looking for 4

circa 70m+ Alliance

GOLD 2 Tier 10 Wars
AQ MAP 4 (All days)


TO BE CLEAR!. ....
**AQ and AW are Mandatory**
If you're not going to play without being chased every day, then don't look at joining us, we expect you to join and play when events are on! officers are absolutely sick of having people who don't turn up, cant follow paths or go missing half way through attack phases.

Requirements :
Minimum Base rating 1m (ideally higher)
A team of at least 11 x R5 5*/ R1 6*s or better (5 war defenders + 2 decent attack teams ) - If you don't have this we wont be able to take you in.
Must be willing to communicate via Line
Be able to complete a path in war start to finish with rare to no backup
Be able to join war/AQ within 10 hours of kick-off.
We're looking for a player to join us who wants to be part of a friendly alliance - Active, but with a relaxed atmosphere too. Time-zones that would work with us are mainly UK/EU or USA/Canada as we have BG's set up that way - other Time-zones can be considered though as we have people online pretty much 24-7!

AW: Currently Gold 2 all 3 BGs run every day except during off season
AQ : 44444 for all BG's with modifiers on DAY 1 ONLY, 150m+ rewards hit every week Glory usually 3400+ per week
BGs : Currently no minimum requirements we do encourage them though especially with new reward structures from mid-2023

We will NOT be considering any map 5 or higher for AQ as we don't want the hassle.
We also ask you to call out a route (via your LINE BG chat) at the start of each war and report deaths during each war via your BG chat - Communication is a MUST

You must have LINE...
Look me up
LINE Chevychase
or in game
(available on GMT timezone 7am-11pm - I will be slower to respond some days due to working hours)

We're laid back enough but expect you to contribute reasonably to everything with alliance based rewards such as the Summoner Advancement and Engagement events.

Any questions add me on Line or message me here - LINE is best as I don't often check forums.


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    Hi Chevy - are you still looking for members? I'm looking for a new alliance. BobNinja1306
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    Archdemon_Archdemon_ Posts: 624 ★★
    hey @BobNinja1306 we're still looking, either reach out to chevy on LINE or me - you should be able to find me under matwylde or Archdemon_
    and one of us will have a chat with you - cheers
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    Chevy_chaseChevy_chase Posts: 50
    Still looking and need 5 now. Please contact through Line as I don’t check here often.
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    Archdemon_Archdemon_ Posts: 624 ★★
    @BobNinja1306 were you still looking or not?
    we still need a few players to fill the empty spaces
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    Chevy_chaseChevy_chase Posts: 50
    Looking for 2
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    GaryagGaryag Posts: 488
    Chevy if you have a spot line at pathseeker1 I am 1m rated 9.8 prestige rosters I can show you on line
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