Please Help with Magik.

I have rank 4 duped lvl 46 4* Magik
I also have rank 2 unduped 5* Magik.
Just got my 3rd mystic t4 cat and I'm stumped on which Magik to rank up.
I use both in AW, the 4* in defense as boss, and the 5* as attacker. I also have mystic dispersion maxed out.
So, it a tough decision as to which one to rank, duped 4* or unduped 5*?


  • HeadrollerHeadroller Posts: 242
    It would depend on what part of the game your working on still or if your just using her for AW/AQ . 5/50 4* awakened magik for sure in my opinion as she has been a huge reason for me to get all the way up to Act 5.3 and Road to Labyrinth. Her sig ability it what makes her so much better as Limbo is good for AW Defense if you got her on a power gain node type she can limbo alot depending on her sig level and just in general going up against champs that apply poisons etc. as that damage is rewound if limbo i activated.

    5* unduped uses I cant speak to as I haven't gotten past 5.3 or ROL. Good Luck!
  • I just duped my five. And my four is 5/50 99. I just used my 5 star to go all the way through 5.4 once. Took an hour. But she’s only like 1k higher than the four star. So personally I’d do the four star for now. Because she regens. And that’s important. But immediately do the five star when you can
  • taojay1taojay1 Posts: 1,062 ★★★
    In my opinion do the 5 star. Yes, her limbo procs are useful, but ultimately 4 stars are going to become weaker and weaker. Magik is still amazing unduped. However, if you have any particularly difficult content that may need that safety cushion from limbo (rtl, act 5, etc.) then do the 4 star. But ultimately it's better to invest in 5 stars
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