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Need a new alliance

Hey all I am in need of a new slightly laid back alliance.

I am looking for the following.

Map 5 quest only.
Battlegrounds I can do but would prefer optional.
War silver gold.
But if an up and coming alliance in bronze need help then I can help as long as they do map 5.
Must have line to communicate.
Ideally looking for a uk alliance but not set I stone.
I have been a free to play player for years now. I have tons of t5cc but low on basics so can r3 about 9 more champs when I am getting the basic catalysts from quest etc.

Get in touch on line app or in game or leave me your line on here.

In game connor892
Line connoruk892

Come for a chat and see where we go.


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    CorvosCorvos Posts: 116
    We are a gold 2 flexible war , map 5/5/4 aq alliance with members in UK, USA and globe

    - my line Id is : Corvos_HW

    Alliance is called Speedos Required so that should tell you how laid back we are . So if this sounds good so far let’s chat
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    CaptainEasyCaptainEasy Posts: 47
    We are a chill alliance. Currently doing map 6. There is no requirement and not expectation. Everything is optional. We just want members to be active. My game name is 'Old Man Easy'. You are welcome to join us.
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    Beau1985Beau1985 Posts: 111
    Can’t find you on line. Beau198, add me to line. I also sent you an in game request
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    Padam341Padam341 Posts: 23
    In game padam~2
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