Sandman Changes

sherin_66sherin_66 Posts: 255 ★★★
Are the changes for Sandman that are coming soon good? I got him out of a featured and I don't want to rank him if he's been changed for the worst.


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    RuwqiersaRuwqiersa Posts: 703 ★★★
    You can wait for the balancing. Tho i dont think sandman is trash even now.
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    Sandman is being changed for the better.
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    Texas_11Texas_11 Posts: 2,638 ★★★★★
    He is already good, they are just making his ramp up a little quicker, think Shuri style of buff or Mantis. No major changes just shifting the kit around a bit to make it more versatile.

    I have him 5/65 and he is really good! Rank him up.
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    EdisonLawEdisonLaw Posts: 2,641 ★★★★
    Rank him up, he still has his utility. They’re probably giving him a Shuri style of buff to decrease his ramp up time to be more effective in short matches and increasing his damage output.
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