No Act 4 Mastery Points Rewards

Hi, first post here. Getting right into it, I had completed act 4 right before the act 4/5 buff went into the game. I hadn’t yet fully explored any of the chapters of act 4 though.

Obviously, Because of this, I didn’t get the mastery point rewards because at that point you had to fully explore act 4 to get them.

Then, after the act 4/5 buff went live, Kabam changed the mastery points to be awarded at act 4 completion instead of exploration. But, I hadn’t received the mastery points even though I completed act 4.

More recently (after the act buff), I 100%ed act 4 thinking I would get the mastery points then, but STILL didn’t get any mastery points as a reward.

So at this point I am missing out on 4 mastery points and I have absolutely no way of getting them back.

If I never end up getting those points, I might as well quit the game, because I’ll permanently be at a disadvantage compared to every other player

I would really love some help on what to do, because I have no clue.


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    Basically going on a month now and nothing from kabam.
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    BeyondBeyond Posts: 14
    We still waiting guys?
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    Same problem here, want to complete suicides and cant because i do not get these rewards
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    TonameToname Posts: 1
    Same for me. I had Act 4 completed, but not explored, and I am short 4 mastery points until Kabam decides to sort this out. I even put in a support ticket, but that got me nowhere.
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