Missing Units!!!

I had 980 units this morning but then all of a sudden went down to 400! What is going on??? Anybody else experience this?


  • dont get your hopes u that anything will be fixed. i submit a ticket with screenshots about gold realm only showing 99% of master explored and kabam basically replied to go f urself. didnt get the gold i worked for, not even an energy refill. they said i probably missed a path...bc its possible to get 99% on that right ? lol
  • How do I even get a hold of Kabam to report this?
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    How do I even get a hold of Kabam to report this?

    If you go in the game, into settings there's a support button somewhere. After clicking a few links it gives you the opportunity to submit a ticket. A waste of time imo... like i said i did that, they asked for screenshots and then told me theres no way for them to compensate me. Basically we see we screwed you but we dont care.
  • Thanks @Crammer2020
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    Hey there OP. Submitting a ticket to support is the right call here. They should be able to review your Unit history and let you know where they went, and hopefully reverse the transaction if it was an accident. Make sure not to use any items that were purchased on accident, so they can be removed from your account if need be.
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