Sigil double charged

I just purchased my sigil for the next month and was double charged… Anyone else have this happen recently?


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    flapjaxflapjax Posts: 285 ★★★
    No but definitely don't try and refund it without contacting Kabam Support or you'll be in Kabam unit jail.
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    Kabam itself doesn't charge for stuff, it is the app stores (or the web store) that actually charge the players and then communicate that to Kabam for Kabam to deliver the items. If either the Apple App store or the Google Play store double charged for Sigil, it is a mistake they might catch and rectify (I've seen then do that and reverse a duplicate charge). If they don't reverse one of the two charges, my recommendation is to open a ticket and contact (Kabam) support first. Tell them your situation and ask for guidance. They will likely suggest asking the app stores to refund the duplicate charge. The app stores in turn might make an error and reverse the wrong one, which will look like you are attempting an unauthorized refund to Kabam. It is important to make sure you contact Kabam first so you have an open ticket and authorization from Kabam to perform the charge reversal first, orf you could get hit with a contest credit penalty.
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