8 Million rated EXPERT Tier AQ, Map 5x5 Looking for 1 replacement

[X-101] - The Phoenix Force

We have one spot opening due to a player needing to leave due to new time constraints in life with school. We require 1 active/loyal head. A player that understands that loyalty, teamwork, and communication = growth. We're looking for a player that is capable of finishing AQ Map 5x5, consistency is KEY. That has 11+ R4 4* & 3+ R5 4* or better (or the equivalent with 5* champs). Line app is REQUIRED to maintain communication during AQ and AW. We understand that this a game, and not your life here. We're asking for participation, and communication. Everyone that has stuck around has grown quite well. We need 1 who is willing to stay the course, and rock out together. This Alliance is all about making things work as best as we can (just the same reward leeches will not be tolerated). We all have off days. Just a fact of life. So you keeping us informed helps even on your off days. Sometimes a few words can do more than diving in at random. So here's a quick recap of the Alliance...

-Weekly SA (Rank rewards range weekly, usually 21-40% bracket, sometimes 6-20%)
-AQ Expert Tier Rewards (Current Prestige 4176 - average 85-90 Million points weekly)
-AQ participation in Map 5x5 (DONATIONS REQUIRED WEEKLY)
-Current War rating 1,218
-Line App a MUST
-No major/unreasonable expectations here (meaning if we don't get all the rewards in everything, it's not the end of the world)
-Looking for level 55+ rate 180k+ with 11+ 4/40 4* & 3+ R5 4* champs or better
-Moderate Prestige of 4k+; higher is always better and welcomed
-We are primarily a North American Alliance. We have some overseas players. Sometimes results in issues with clashing play times. We've also found ways to make it work just the same. So don't be detoured if you're very active. We work as a team, and will find a way to make it work.

If you feel you're a good fit, feel free to get back to me. Looking forward to your messages. Have fun out there!

IGN - Sirius Break
Line ID - siriusbreak

P.S. - We've maintained this lineup of 30 players for a long time so, we're ideally looking for a long term player who wants a place to stay for the long haul. Many of our players have been here for months, some years.


  • One more vacancy has occurred. Contact me ASAP to get in before we start AW placement for the last War in this week's cycle. This one departing wasn't that great at communication so IDEALLY looking for a replacement that will utilize Line app instead of just having it.
  • Current Alliance prestige - 4,236

    Just a quick update as things have progressed since I originally wrote this.
  • .
  • i want to join. i am very active. I am not that good but i hope i will get better with your help. name in game is: Maaz04137252725
  • sirius are you still recruiting? my in game name is DIEOS
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