A few more bugs to note

I apologize in advance if any of these have been reported.

1) AI manages to do a special attack after I evade a heavy attack. Special attack happens before heavy animation finishes

2) I can often not dash back far enough to evade a hit when AI is trying to combo.

3) AI has hit me through my blocks several times

4) AI has been intercepting me on a regular basis which rarely occurred before.

5) AI does a special attack while I’m doing a heavy attack

6) I parried Ultron, it said parry on my screen but he did not get stunned. This was not on any special node.

7) parry timing seems quite off the last 2days randomly.

iPhone 7 and iPad Pro, 11.1.2 iOS.


  • Also..
    AI in aq can punch through a block.
    Recovery time is increased.
    Specials and combos are getting blocked mid hit.
    When i stun, Magik, and hood in aq had immediate recovery.
  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
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    They just keep closing other threads and are ignoring these ones. Hope they respond soon.
  • SomeoneElseSomeoneElse Posts: 424 ★★★
    I have been noticing more of these problems since Saturday. I don’t know what they are doing that keeps messing these things up. They need to stop.
  • Player1994Player1994 Posts: 527 ★★
    yes i just noticed this **** was doing 5.3 and they can hit me on block what the hell is going on with this game
  • I am still experiencing the 5 hit combo glitch. Where on about the 3rd hit, your defender pauses and freezes, not completing the combo. Then they openly receive a 5 hit combo, or a special attack. Not to also mention that champ still will auto fight on their own with tossing out random strong attacks.
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