**WE ARE NO LONGER Temporarily Reverting Tier 1 War Ban System**

After further discussion, the game team has made the decision not make adjustements to the ban system.
The previously proposed fix would have resolved the issue for Summoners who are on the cusp of T1/T2 play, and negatively impacted Alliances more securely in T1. Instead, we recommend that cusp Alliances switch to Manual Placement to your members to place the allotted 5 Ban Champions limit there.

Apologies for the back and forth, and for any confusion.

Goals for 2024

Happy new year! What are your MCOC targets for 2024?


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    SammyDeSammyDe Posts: 944 ★★★
    Trying to become Valiant. Just completed Necropolis last week and have 1.5 T4A from Cyber Weekend. Also have not done 8.3.6 but have 80 revives in the overflow. So maybe by July / November?
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    captain_rogerscaptain_rogers Posts: 5,172 ★★★★★
    Should explore necropolis before February 30 and become valiant
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    HavanaknightHavanaknight Posts: 468 ★★★
    My goal is to seamlessly swap between preset masteries
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    bhuv9191bhuv9191 Posts: 247 ★★
    Paragon and have 3 R5s and 1R2 7*...

    Save 40k unit throughout the year for cyber Monday and banquet...

    That's more Enough for me...
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    AshacekarAshacekar Posts: 1,839 ★★★★
    Be Valiant by end of 2024. I won't do Necropolis, will get one by act 8 exploration and one by grinding T4A, optimistic.
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    Darkraw346Darkraw346 Posts: 2,082 ★★★★
    To get 7* Onslaught and use my r3 gem on him
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    Fit_Fun9329Fit_Fun9329 Posts: 1,866 ★★★★★
    Tbh I don’t know. I am valiant and have necro 100%. Carina challenges could be a thing but I am not interested.

    Perhaps I just do as always - grinding arena and lurking out of the shadows. 40 mio BC is a good target
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    AzKicker316AzKicker316 Posts: 2,321 ★★★★★
    Complete necropolis and eventually become valiant.
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    Rayven5220Rayven5220 Posts: 1,908 ★★★★★
    Become Valiant, explore 8.1, act 7, maybe act 6 just to get it done, explore 8.4 as soon as it comes out.
    Also, finally pull a 6* Nimrod, fant man and cow god.
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    Sundance_2099Sundance_2099 Posts: 2,925 ★★★★★
    Keep ranking up my 5*s and getting more of them and 6*s and maybe do some exploration of Act 4. Maybe try doing more of Act 3 of RTTL. My intention had been to get to Uncollected this year, but I did that last year, so I dunno, really.
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    13579rebel_13579rebel_ Posts: 2,504 ★★★★★
    Hopefully become Valiant By 2025 without Necropolis
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    Nemesis_17Nemesis_17 Posts: 1,188 ★★★★
    Ftp valiant once 8.4 is released, past that I don’t really care lol
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    OmedennOmedenn Posts: 868 ★★★
    Saving units, 4 hour crystals, battle chips and boosts again, I completely wiped out my account from all these things exploring necropolis.
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    ChobblyChobbly Posts: 885 ★★★★
    Push through and complete Act 8, spend less on champion crystals (choice not chance) and focusing more on ranking up the champions I do have rather than chasing those that I don't.
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    JLordVileJJLordVileJ Posts: 1,625 ★★★
    I'm going to save all my daily/4 hours crystals/objective crystals and open them at the end of every month. I WILL DO THR DAILY/WEEKLY OBJECTIVES THE SAME YEAR THEY R SET
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    Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 7,217 ★★★★★
    Gonna be an arena monkey for units.
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    JLordVileJJLordVileJ Posts: 1,625 ★★★
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    GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 36,339 ★★★★★
    Now that I've proven to myself I can do Everest content because I did a run of Necro, I'd like to go back and do Abyss and LoL.
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    NEXTONNEXTON Posts: 588 ★★★
    Save up to 30,000+ units throughout the year and keep them around that amount.
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