Why is it harder to bait ai specials is it supposed to be that way?

Idk if there was an update to the ai in the last couple of months but I’ve noticed obvious changes in the passiveness of the ai including how hard it is to bait specials up to the point where I get backed into a wall and thrown a special 3 I don’t know if it’s supposed to be that way but it’s extremely frustrating. I hope no one else is experiencing this but if u have give me your thoughts?


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    Shadow_ShooterShadow_Shooter Posts: 284 ★★★
    We had a post by Kabam about AI behavior but they silently took it down. So I’m not sure what they’re thinking/planning about this.
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    Khan65Khan65 Posts: 46
    Hopefully they fix this soon bc I was fighting bahemet just a minute ago for the deathless challenge and I lost because he would take baits and I got backed into a corner but when he first dropped almost a year ago it was easy to bait his specials idk what’s the deal here I’m wasting units for no reason bc of faulty AI
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