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This is Bull Kabam



  • WhiteKnightWhiteKnight Posts: 233 ★★★

    Even if that's per player, still going to need an extra 7 revives each just for the path and then extra for the boss.... doesn't really help in grand scheme

    How did you come up with the number 7... 🤔
    1 champ per member, 3 fights each needing 10 revives so 30 in total and someone said you get 3 for free so 7 plus boss 👀
    Errr.. you get 3 people per mini boss...
    Player 1- 100%-90%
    Player 2- 90%-80%
    Player 3- 80%-70%
    Player 1- 70%-60%
    Player 2- 60%-50%
    Player 3- 50%-40%
    Player 1- 40%-30%
    Player 2- 30%-20%
    Player 3- 20%-10%
    Player 1- 10%-0%

    10 people left for boss at 10% each....
    Brother, there's 3 fights per path, this is multiplies by 3; 3 revives per fight, 3 fights per path making 9 plus one extra and then boss... again if fights are perfect 👀
    So you were complaining that you are capped at 10% and now you are saying "If perfect"... Yeah makes total sense.. with that logic I find it insulting that you call me "brother" I refuse the thought of sharing a DNA string with you
    They have 70-100 MILLION health, 10% is necropolis level health pool... I aren't expecting every member of my ally to be bale to take down 7-10mil health in one shot even with the damage boost from missions
    Then why did you complain about the cap if you are worried about doing it perfect genius?...
    "ItS NeCRoPoLis HeAlThPooL"... Necropolis doesnt "buff the attacker"....
    Because when I did necro fights perfect I solo'd them, if I play this perfect I can't solo?

    You dont just get the damage boost, there's hoops to jump through and again, not expecting everyone in my ally to be able to do that and if I have ally members who can't do it and have to use resources they don't have only option is for me, or someone else, to use their resources to do so otherwise every in the BG suffers...

    By if you want to wire them the money to buy those potions I'm sure I can gey you their details 🤷‍♂️
    Gah... Do you understand its a collaboration mode?...
    That there are 3 different tagged attackers that boost the next player comming in?.. yea sure they could remove the cap; you wanna be the 1st one going in and 1 shotting it after 5 hours of fighting?...
    Again, that means relying on others not to make a mistake, I like the collaboration, I don't like have to die 3+ times each fight and then hoping my allies don't make mistake.

    Damage caps do nothing but hinder, I like the whole need the different players working together, they could have done the exact same thing with one boss can only be taken down by one class, next by another meaning you all kill one defender each... he'll give them a mil health and no boost I'll do that 4/5 minute fight and then even slap something on boss where each class does 30% so 3 people can help out taking each 30% and then last 10% is free for all.

    This is just **** 🤣
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