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Does Beginner Bracket REALLY work?

So my question is, what do you guys think of the Bracket System after the arena rework? Do they still work as intended?
Before you start making assumptions, yes, you're correct. I'm beyond salty right now. I don't want to out people or start a witch hunt so I've removed all names from the image. So here's what I'm dealing with right now.
I worked my butt off grinding and yet I lost my spot to someone with multiple 5*'s and Elder's Bane of all things. It's just a punch to the gut that his top champ is also the very champ I was going for.
Is this a common occurrence that people have noticed in Arena? Is the system really working as intended?


  • Someone will always be the cutoff... It just means there were 50 people who worked harder than you or cheated but that doesn’t mean the system doesn’t work, in any case it’s Kabam’s security that isn’t working as intended.
  • Titan_A97Titan_A97 Posts: 179
    I know this is mere speculation but that profile looks more than a little suspicious. If what you say is true and you're still in the Beginner bracket, it's very likely that you lost your spot to a potential cheater.

    Anyhow, a Level 52 should be no-where near the Beginner bracket unless: a) This person is extremely devoted to the game, spending 3 or maybe even 4 digits on the game to reach that level under a month (do mind that Beginner bracket is <1 month) or b) This person is running some sort of cheat that involves some sort of XP manipulation.

    The evidence you have supplied clearly supports the latter theory since 1) The person has 100% Act 5 as given by the Elder's Bane title 2) Top champ is a 4* 4/40 which unsurprisingly is a good defender but mediocre (at best) attacker yet cleared Act 5 with a 4/40 and finally 3) Is in the Beginner bracket meaning their account is less than a month old yet is Lvl 52.

    So No, this is certainly not how the beginner bracket should work. My advice is to file a Support ticket to launch an investigation into this matter and hopefully justice will be served.
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