Who to take to R5/R3?

BarryAllenBarryAllen Posts: 16
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My 5* SL is Unduped btw.

Who to take to R5/R3? 16 votes

Vision (AoU) [4* Unduped]
Vision_41 1 vote
5 Star Starlord (to rank 3)
Mike8mn123dudebuffajrJets44RotellyMohit_7Jaydev217BrandonrapsAnimatronicsto 8 votes
Ultron [4* Unduped]
vg2782Ironszero7Tru_dp_23BarryAllen 5 votes
Howard the Duck (haha) [4* Unduped]
SnaggleElitehunter 2 votes
Rocket Racoon[4* Unduped]


  • 5 Star Starlord (to rank 3)
    Assuming the SL is Duped since all the others are listed as unDuped??
  • Ultron [4* Unduped]
    He’s not. I just forgot to add unduped to his part.
  • 5 Star Starlord (to rank 3)
    Well then do not take SL up. He’s useless unDuped. Your best bet is to take up Ultron. He’s the only one who doesn’t need to be duped to be great
  • Ultron [4* Unduped]
    Alright, thanks.
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