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Which 5* to Rank 5?

Random_NoobRandom_Noob Posts: 37
edited December 2017 in General Discussion
All champs awakened or can be awakened. LoL 1 path completed only.

Which 5* to Rank 5? 24 votes

Star Lord
vd016Superman69Candyman_VanDmack976637DanveerKarnaXFA_Rebooted 6 votes
CuteshelfSteelCurtainMUTJadedMcord117 4 votes
danielmathHulk_77kpkumardtsIronPotriotTellthemIAMSpiritOfVengeancevinniegainzElitehunter 8 votes
RomissyWilljackson16RealStealDarkmagic1991SuperSam57_ASDF_ 6 votes


  • JadedJaded Posts: 5,338 ★★★★★
    Aa is a god at clearing lanes. Him at r5 & sl r4 would help you greatly in the rest of the Lanes in LoL. Plus whatever other content you need done. Iceman is obviously a great choice as well, but with 1 lane done in LoL aa would help there a lot more.
  • Agent_venomAgent_venom Posts: 51
    Omg You have the dream team lol that’s a tough choice. I would do Iceman.
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