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Help me fix my masteries


How should I rearranged my masteries, please help me


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    DIETYDIETY Posts: 71

    My roaster🤗
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    o_oo_o Posts: 834 ★★★★
    That’s not too bad actually, but there are a few points you can probably move without any issues:
    - the point in mystic dispersion (it’s a great mastery but one point isn’t doing much for you)
    - the second point in greater strength
    - the 4 extra points in limber: if you need them for defense (war or battlegrounds) or specific nodes this can be a very good setup, but on attack you'll usually be fine with just a single point there

    You may want to think about unlocking some of the masteries on the right. Personally I’m a huge fan of despair and willpower - I always have those maxed out. I’m also into deep wounds, though you don’t seem to have a lot of bleed champs at the moment… and assassin is one to consider as well. Pacify can also be super helpful in some scenarios.

    For the number of mastery points you have though, this setup is pretty good. My main advice would be to keep levelling up so that you can earn those additional points :)
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