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Are you guys also running out of loyalty?

iDestroyerZiDestroyerZ Posts: 723 ★★★★
I've always had like a good amount of loyalty because the deaths in AW wasn't a huge number as it is right now, but man i got like 26k right now and the loyalty per fight is bugged for MONTHS already, considering how much players are dying this season 50k per win is not enough when only 1 potion lvl 5 costs 26k loyalty and that's not considering the other boosts

I know there's some people with like 2kk loyalty or something but kabam needs to do something about this....think about it: you buy 2 lvl 5 potions and that's 26k loyalty each, plus 10k for an indestructible....that's 62k loyalty and if you win you get like 65k considering exploration and stuff, but if you lose then you get like 40k
I'm taking into account if you buy only 2 potions, if you buy more then the situation only gets worse
Is this also happening with you guys?


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    iDestroyerZiDestroyerZ Posts: 723 ★★★★
    Cure2024 said:

    are you in high tier AW ? if not why you wasting loyality on potions when 40% team revive only cost 1 loyality basically free.

    We're aiming to get to platinum 3 so we kinda take the war very seriously, currently in platinum 4
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    IlociaM97IlociaM97 Posts: 163
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    ChaosMax1012ChaosMax1012 Posts: 3,100 ★★★★★
    You have no idea. Its needed every war due to tactic.
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    SkyfawSkyfaw Posts: 197 ★★
    It’s gonna be more expensive when you get into higher tier war. I know people who burn units to boost every fight.
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