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Fantastic Four

Ok, so Disney is buying Fox. This means that there is officially no character affiliated with the Fantastic Four that cannot be put into the game. Even though X-Men was owned by Fox and they still got put in the game but whatever, regardless, now there is no excuse. Put them in the game!


  • But you know that Kabam isn't Fox or Disney, right?
  • wSWeaponXwSWeaponX Posts: 366 ★★
    This is like the 40th post about this.... Enough, we get it.
    Nah keep posting! I want Dr Doom, silver surfer, human torch. Those characters would be awesome!!!

    they will suck big time, the fantastic four lolololol, the most stupid team ever
  • DoomBotDoomBot Posts: 13
    They are not a stupid team, they are Marvel's First Family and Doctor Doom is the best Marvel villain ever
  • weapon_xtreme83weapon_xtreme83 Posts: 110
    Nah keep posting! I want Dr Doom, silver surfer, human torch. Those characters would be awesome!!!

    they will suck big time, the fantastic four lolololol, the most stupid team ever

    Says the person that has KK as their avatar. :D
  • DoomBotDoomBot Posts: 13
    "But you know that Kabam isn't Fox or Disney, right?"
    -Yes I do know that, but it had been mentioned before on here to me that the only reason Kabam hasn't done the Fantastic Four was because of the Fox rights, that's why I said that

  • DoomBotDoomBot Posts: 13
    "Mate, they are quite stupid imho. Hate them. But i sure one day they will be in the game, but doubt it will be this year"

    _You're only saying that because of the horrible Fox movies
  • DoomBotDoomBot Posts: 13
    "Mr Bendy was always having a moral dilemma" -It's Mister Fantastic
    "the orange one" - It's The Thing
    "The one on fire" -It's Human Torch
    "invisible girl" -Close, but it's actually Invisible Woman, she's an adult.
    So, you really don't know them I guess. Mister Fantastic, A.K.A. Reed Richards is a husband and a father, so he should have those moral dilemmas to deal with. Invisible Woman, A.K.A. Susan Storm, is a wife, sister, and mother that has a husband that doesn't usually spend much time outside the lab, so yeah, she should be upset. Human Torch, A.K.A. Johnny Storm, is an irresponsible playboy, that's what is so great about him, and what makes him a friend of Spider-Man. The Thing, A.K.A. Ben Grimm, is a rock monster that has to get used to his new physical features and yes, he does have a hot girlfriend, but she doesn't want to be with him anymore because of his new form. And don't even get me started on Doctor Doom.
  • Ok, I get the FF not being in the game. Dr. Victor Von Doom not in the game? Unconscionable. Doom is the greatest villain of all time in Marvel Comics (sorry Thanos). But Doom shouldn't be a PC. He should be an NPC.
  • DoomBotDoomBot Posts: 13
    UncleScrewtape Thank you, you have great taste in villains
  • Lets just w8 for Marvel to release a Fantastic 4 movie, I'm sure then Kabam will release the heroes.
  • DoomBotDoomBot Posts: 13
    Masuarao Hopefully you're right about that
  • dude next quest shouldnt be killmonger and hulk ragnarok it should be fantastic four so you can get them and doctor doom and the silver surfer but silver surfer should be a different quest
  • BossdogBossdog Posts: 30
    Wow what a flashback now that we have them all
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