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New T1 alpha catalyst offer (500 and 1500 units)

We need you to lower the glory cost and make these more readily available. Not charge ~$60 for a basic item so we can rank up 3 different 5* players. Please keep trying.


  • DarkestDestroyerDarkestDestroyer Posts: 2,809 ★★★★★
    It's a shame this is what we had to "keep our eyes open" for...

    I thought they would just make them more available not a quick cash grab.
  • ThatweirdguyThatweirdguy Posts: 675 ★★★
    It is not good value but to their credit at least this offer fills a need that players have. So many of their offers are of little use to most players.
  • DrOctavius2_2DrOctavius2_2 Posts: 432 ★★
    They saw the high demand and they milking it now
  • xNigxNig Posts: 7,177 ★★★★★
    Frankly what are you gonna buy with 500 units? 2 featured gmcs and get 2 3*s? Lol
  • DarkestDestroyerDarkestDestroyer Posts: 2,809 ★★★★★
    xNig wrote: »
    Frankly what are you gonna buy with 500 units? 2 featured gmcs and get 2 3*s? Lol

    Orr 16 refills and get a quest 100%
  • KrazewulfosKrazewulfos Posts: 164
    xNig wrote: »
    Frankly what are you gonna buy with 500 units? 2 featured gmcs and get 2 3*s? Lol

    Orr 16 refills and get a quest 100%
    right? i'd rather 100% a few quests, personally. considering I'm closing in on finishing act 4 exploration.
  • Primmer79Primmer79 Posts: 2,968 ★★★★
    Id rather buy the revives after their bugs kills me for the umpteenth time
  • ThatweirdguyThatweirdguy Posts: 675 ★★★
    $4/T1A plus the other stuff. If I wasn't worried about hem expiring I would buy. Who knows if I will get any rank up worthy 5* champs. I thought Apple was going to put a stop to purchased items expiring.
  • SolswerdSolswerd Posts: 1,859 ★★★★
    It does seem a bit pricey to me....would of preferred a deal for just the T1 Alphas without the gold/T4 Basics at a lower cost. It reminds me of when a videogame console is sold out almost everywhere, and you have retailers that will sell them bundled with some off-brand controller and a game you do not want at a higher cost. Just give us the Alphas!...lol

    At least it is offered for units instead of cash, I guess?
  • Pandorica333Pandorica333 Posts: 61
    No one needs to buy the offer. Also it’s a unit offer so comparing it to real world money is of little relevance. I bought it with earned units so it’s free alphas I wouldn’t have otherwise.
  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 1,012
    To be honest, it is a good offer. It is even better if you NEED the t1a's like so many of us do. If you buy the credits, then yeah, it is not so good. But some folks are sitting on thousands of credits from grinding arenas...let them cash them in on needed rank up materials.

    I remember buying a t4bc for 500 credits last fall, now I get 5 t1a's for it...yeah, I am going to punch that ticket.
  • FugnastyFugnasty Posts: 115
    @Pandorica333 It is absolutely okay to put a $ on units. Click store icon in game if you dont think this happens. True I don't have to purchase and I won't which is why I offered alternative and constructive solutions.
  • RagamugginGunnerRagamugginGunner Posts: 2,210 ★★★★★
    Supply and demand. Limit a resource so much that people will buy any you offer. Pretty smart business.
  • EpistriatusEpistriatus Posts: 1,243 ★★★★
    It's 1 way of making t1a more available, and it's payable through ingame currency: so you don't need to pay for it, only some mild grinding. Not really sure what other ways they're going to make t1a more available, but this is a pretty reasonable deal imho.
  • WolfeWolfe Posts: 272 ★★
    Great deal! Thanks Kabam!
  • Adamdrt2006Adamdrt2006 Posts: 429
    Wow people complain about not having enough t1a so Laban makes this offer for units not cash you can grind for units and people still complain but they could just give everyone a bunch for free and they would still find a way to complain about it
  • vinniegainzvinniegainz Posts: 902 ★★★
    Its a FAIR offer, the first one I would say is decent, but the second not so much (imo should be 1k units since its double the t1a, double the t4b, but only 1.5x the gold and instead 1/4 a t2a). Overall considering both its a FAIR offer at best. Kabam knows we are hungry for t1a and thus taking advantage of this hunger. So I completely understand where the complaints come from but also why people feel its not complaint-worthy.
  • weapon_xtreme83weapon_xtreme83 Posts: 110
    I've been waiting for an offer like this. So many waste units on crystals, but won't use them for resources that they need.
  • GamerGamer Posts: 9,136 ★★★★★
    This deal dont meant u have to. Ise money. U culd hav save unit. So all iver the priz wash okay for the first. Im buget the first the next im hops over.
  • FugnastyFugnasty Posts: 115
    Look, I think because my post was a reaction to the offer kind of diluted the point of my post. My belief is that there is an imbalance of t1 alphas required to rank up 5 star champs and their availabilty in the game. This will slow and frustrate my ability to rank champs going forward so please Kabam make these catalysts more available within the game via cheaper glory costs or a daily t1 alpha event.
  • Pandorica333Pandorica333 Posts: 61
    They recently reduced the glory cost for alphas and most likely won’t again immediately. If you’re at the point that you need many t1alphas then you should be getting lots of glory and can get 3-4 from glory alone per week
  • klobberintymeklobberintyme Posts: 1,108 ★★★
    Seems a fair offer for a specific set of player: got a few 3/45s to rank up and don't want to wait a week to earn glory or 100% the master event quest, you can just cash in 500 units you have anyway from the pile from arena grinding and you're set. If you're not that guy, then it's not as fun. I personally just grabbed that package to 5/50 either Angela or drax, still deciding.
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