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Anyone else seeing people leave the game because of Raids Modok?

New_Noob168New_Noob168 Posts: 1,582 ★★★★
Very frustrating to fight and requires lots of resources. We ended up giving up and some are very frustrated...Takes way too long. Anyone else seeing folks leave the game because of this? He needs a nerf.


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    NightheartNightheart Posts: 1,531 ★★★★
    Honestly though raids Modok is not a reason for people to quit the game all together... next time I will use Magneto to get rid of that stupid autoblock
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    New_Noob168New_Noob168 Posts: 1,582 ★★★★
    A few bad apples in your alliance screws you over in Raids.
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    WeaponX2112WeaponX2112 Posts: 37
    It's a frustrating and imo poorly designed fight, but quitting the game over it is a bit extreme lol.
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    Vegeta9001Vegeta9001 Posts: 1,547 ★★★★★
    Not seeing people leave the game, but seeing them opt out of future raids til the bugs/issues and pool are addressed and fixed. Don't really blame them, a lot of guys just gave up completion this raid, did the cheats and stopped.Really should have been tested more, a lot of these champion specific bugs can be picked up in the very first fight of testing.
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    MasquiradeMasquirade Posts: 75
    edited June 17
    Raids is my favourite part of the game right now, I've had struggles with past ally members and although this fight was tough to get through, it was good to see my current alliance united against the Modok BS and struggle through together 😂

    It depends how seriously you take the game IMO - if you're the kind of player that spends hours a day, push through Everest content etc, there are bugs everywhere, and this could easily be the straw that breaks the camel's back. I've seen people quit over less.

    I think we can trust that Kabam will do something about the fight design for next raid - they did so after the first raid month and I hold this fight in similar ilk to the WoW Abs Man. Yes, it was possible to get through it, but it was drawn out and "counter-fun" shall we say, but they made the fight more manageable for the eventual gauntlet, compensated for it, and I expect they might well give similar compensation for this.

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