Losing Health at Magik on 5.2.4

I’ve been pushing my way through Act 5, and now I have reached Magik on 5.2.4. Now already a tough battle with all those regen perks going for her I’ve been unfortunate enough to encounter a bug where my champions lose all their health for no apparent reason. There are no poison, degeneration, or bleed effects active, but I can watch my champions health rapidly drop to 0 without any hits making contact with me. This is extremely frustrating. Anyone else encountering this?


  • Titan_A97Titan_A97 Posts: 179
    It's quite odd that you haven't heard of this despite being well into Act 5 but it's her Signature Ability, Limbo that's affecting you. It has a chance to activate whenever you push her past a bar of power and scales with attack boosts eg) 25% Attack etc.
  • Limbo only affects power does it not? I see nothing that states it drains your health too? I honestly have not had many major encounters with Magik that were much of an issue until now.
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    Well, I guess on that note I can finally understand why people have had problems with her in the past. I have never actually had her draining my health before. I’ve always cussed her regaining health- especially during this Act, but never an issue with my health. Now I know lol. What a painful lesson to learn. 😖
  • You get hurt when she is in limo
  • I can't comprehend this thread.
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