No love for Magneto?.

One of the strongest mutants is so weak in mcoc world.. its a shame. Pls do something about Magneto


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    He should have an open wounds mechanic like Punisher. He is throwing shrapnel into his opponents bodies which he then can manipulate the shards to tear them apart. Something like Medusa’s armor shattered would be awesome too. If he had a more effective armor break and he would do direct damage or cause a low permanent passive bleed whenever he breaks his opponent’s armor. I’m hoping he is somewhere on the buff list.
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    Magneto en güçlü mutant olmalı ve Anka Kuşu da en güçlü karakterlerden olmalı.
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    I really hope magneto gets his long due.... such an amazing mutant with so many crazy possibilities... @Kabam Miike please do something for this hell of a mutant
  • Dc0909Dc0909 Posts: 22
    Poor magneto..
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    Agree. He is Omega level in the Comics, he should have a force field like MODOK. He should also have a much higher crit chance and damage. His Special 1 shouldnt do bleed, but should do degen.
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    Venom is worse he needs it more.
  • Magneto used to be a valuable champ, when block proficiency synergy and heal block were very important in the game. The game moved forward but he remained the same. His sig ability got eclipsed by Ice Man's ice armor. Magnetism helps in some situations, but it's only 40% and only affects a limited number of champs. They actually made him weaker offensively by taking away the chance to stack two bleeds on his L1. He's not strong enough defensively to warrant the low offensive output, and he could use an update to get him back on track.
  • Dc0909Dc0909 Posts: 22
    Magneto must be given its due in the game!!
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    magnetism should do much more: should be like BW and should give him a protection like ice armor of iceman. Plus he should be able to stun and many other things #buffmagneto
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    #buffeveryone buff all MCOC characters.
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    I agree with this. Magneto is terrible and useless. First, nobody lets him get to an l2 unless they don’t understand fighting strategy, so this theory that his l2 is useful on defense is not correct. In the old war system with power start 2, you could put him there and he would obviously use an l2. But nobody about tier 10 would place magneto bc strange or Hyperion or og vision were infinitely better on that tile.
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    The only cool thing about Magneto is that he does energy damage, so he counters certain nodes/champs like Morningstar and spiked armor (I'm pretty sure)
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    Buff Magneto FFS !! makes me depressed looking at his terrible state
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    No beta needed. There’s little profit in it and scant resources to devote to it.

    I’m in favor of incremental changes with updates (see Juggs) for a batch of mutants like Mags, Colossus, both Cykes and DPX.

    For Mags, just use some of the existing code to beef up his armor and allow him to deflect damage when magnetize is active back to the attacker. Alternatively, give him a weak form of danger sense against everyone that strengthens against the most metallic foes.

    For Colossus, increase attack based on armor buffs and make him poison immune.

    For the Cykes, add a debuff other than armor break that triggers and give them an attack bump.

    And DPX...just a nominal regen (that is his core ability after all) in line with something like Angela but a little weaker would help tremendously.

    Again, don’t waste time on beta. Just implement and see how it works. Maybe make it event centric so there’s no misunderstanding it’s on a trial basis. But there’s such a massive gulf between a champ like Mags and a champ like Domino in the same class.

    Dr. Zola
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    Magneto has been seriously devalued over time. When he came out, his Signature was pretty unique; and pretty much the only specific counter to it was Black Widow (plus, of course, you could get around it by inflicting damage over time effects). Now there are endless champions who can inflict ability accuracy reduction, which has devalued his defensive signature ability. His Signature ability is also now totally outdone by Iceman's Ice Armour; which Iceman doesn't even need Awakened for.

    His ability to reduce ability accuracy via magnetism is outdone by numerous champs such as Widow, Electra, Crossbones, Blade, Voodoo...

    Magneto should definitely be buffed. I reckon that he could receive any (or even all) of the following improvements; in line with his comic book abilities:

    Special attacks:
    Improved bleed damage by around 50%, plus better chance to proc (60-70%)
    (MMN only) Special-3 causes metal opponents to become immediately magnetised.

    When magnetised, opponents suffer the following effects (M/MMN):
    Reduced Ability Accuracy (-45/70%)
    Reduced critical rating (-250/350)
    Vulnerability to special attacks (+10%/+20% damage)
    Magneto gains 20%/30% perfect block against magnetised opponents.

    Passive effect:
    When blocking, Magneto has a 30% chance to deflect all projectile attacks, +30% (flat increase) against magnetised opponents.

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