4* SW rank up advice.

Hi guys,

Should I Rank up SW to R4/40?
She is duped (sig 20).

My AQ team is:
4* Black Bolt sig 20 (in casi of Rank up SW, I would change him)
4* YJ sig 20
5* Storm

AW attack:

4* Guillotine R4 sig 43
4* WWII R4 sig 40
4* SL R4 sig 20

AW defende:
4* Mordo R5 sig 20
4* AV R4 sig 20
4* Wolverine R4 sig 20
4* Drax R4 sig 40
4* Venom R4 sig 40

Other duped mystic R3:
DS sig 1
GR sig 1
UC sig 20

Maybe she isnt so powerfull than she was, but still is a badass lady, isnt it?


  • AakashAakash Posts: 340
    I have her at 4/40. She is still pretty good unlike DV (who is considered better) she is a simpler character. She isn't as reliable as she used to be but she is still top 5 in this game imo. Take her to 4/40 and feed her sig stones as you get them, she benefits from them greatly!
    Good luck
  • 2pumpanddump2pumpanddump Posts: 9
    I agree. I have her at 4/40 and she still is very good. Not like she use to be but still worth the rank
  • DopinderDopinder Posts: 22
    Thanks. I have some mystics and normal sig stones. I will use them in SW.
  • Tmasters1984Tmasters1984 Posts: 451
    edited June 2017
    I have to say that she isn't anywhere near as useful as she used to be. Hardly procs in AQ and AW. Seems fine in duel, event and story.

    I'm convinced there's a modifier for those modes the higher tier you are.
  • firehead_22firehead_22 Posts: 7
    SW is my AQ killer. She doesn't regen like she used to, but she still does it at least one per fight. Her power drain, power lock, and nullify keep the attack going instead of having to bait out special attacks. Her L2 damage is brutal. She's still a top 3 for me.
  • Spidey076Spidey076 Posts: 310
    Sw is gr8 bro.i have him as 3* and still defeated master Thanos easily but sadly i dont have him as 4* but i saved up my mystic gem for her she will be my first r5 mystic champ over any other champ.i already have voodoo,hood and gr but waiting for sw.only his veil of fortune activation % is decreased and buff and debuff time decrease but still she is gr8 for me
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