4655 AQ Mini Boss / Boss Killer needs Ally

Message me on Line using @Ricardo60289

I’m on there all the time. 28 years old and playing from Phoenix, AZ. Very active and only seeking a very active group. I can’t join your Ally if you have a few slow to move, late to join members.

AQ map 5 and 6 experienced. Tier 2 - 4 experienced in AW. Can handle AW Mini Bosses.

About me:

4/5 MD 5/5 DW 5/5 Assassin.
4655 Prestige
Will be closer to 5k Prestige with my next R4 5*
Completed: ROL, RTTL, Uncollected, 100% for Act 1 - 4, on 5.3

Ally Requirements:
- Be Super Active
- Weekly SA
- 3 AW’s a week.
- AQ map 5x5 at 100%

Brownie points for AW focused groups that go hard. An Officer position would be a + so that I can help with AW Defender Placement. ***Lastly, Brownie points for an Ally that can help me save up Gold***


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