Beta Test: Potential Improvements to Luke Cage and Red Hulk

edited January 2018 in News & Announcements
As you may recall from last year, we recently announced our more formal beta program. Today we're happy to announce our first wider Beta is launching! A group of Summoners will be selected to take part in The Champion Update Beta Test, in order to provide us with feedback on improvements we are looking to make to Red Hulk and Luke Cage. Our focus is to receive this first-hand Summoner feedback and utilize it to help make the game it’s best. While there are a few older Champions our team wants to take a look at, these are the two we wanted to start the year off with.

Our team has made some great changes we think Summoners will enjoy, and we are looking forward to getting a select group into the Beta program to test it all out! A few things to keep in mind:

1. This is an invite-only Beta program, we are not taking requests at this time to join or be admitted into the program
2. Only Summoners that already have these Champions and are over level 55 will be invited to test out the changes
3. Those selected will receive an in-game message notifying them as such, along with further instructions

If you don't get into this one, don't worry. We're starting small to test out the Beta feature just as much as we're testing these upcoming changes. Expect more chances to participate in the future! We look forward to starting our first Beta, and look forward to even more of them this year!


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